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Tube EPDM rubber
Cover Blue EPDM rubber. Abrasion & ozone resistant
Reinforcement High tensile textile cords.
Application Saturated steam & hot water in the food & dairy industry.
Temp range -40°C to +165°C
Conforms to BS5122/A2, ISO6134
Safety factor 10 x Working pressure
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BUHAR 7 Bar White Steam Hose (Non-Marking)

BUHAR 7 Bar White Steam Hose (Non-Marking)

Metallic Braided Flexible Steam Hose Assembly

Metallic Braided Flexible Steam Hose Assembly

Vapour Dairy 7 Bar Steam Hose

White EPDM food quality, taste and odour free with a high tensile textile cord reinforcement. This hose has a EPDM blue smooth cover with cloth impression. Dairy washdown hose that is resistant against alcohol and bacteria (FDA Approved Material).

This hose is available in lengths up to 40 Metres

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Hose IDHose ODPressurePressureBurst PressureBurst PressureBending RadiusWeight per metreCoil Length
1/2" 13 24 7102 701015 91 408 40
3/4" 19 31 7102 701015 133 595 40
1" 25 37 7102 701015 175 685 40