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REF #4445
Tube Highly flexible polyurethane tube
Reinforcement Embedded semi-rigid crush resistant PVC helix
Application Wood waste, sawdust, grain, sugar, grit, fumes and industrial vacuums. Also suitable for food contact applications.
Temp Range -25°C up to +85°C
Multi-Purpose Thermoplastic Ducting

Multi-Purpose Thermoplastic Ducting

Non-toxic Anti-static Polyurethane Ducting Hose

This is a highly flexible polyurethane ducting hose designed for a range of applications including wood waste, sawdust, grain, sugar, grit, fumes and industrial vacuums.

This has a semi-rigid, crush resistant PVC helix and has an embedded nine strand copper wire enabling the discharge of static electricity.

The cross section is maintained even when highly flexed. The bore is smooth to achieve minimal frictional loss.

Other features

  • Tough, extremely flexible and durable
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent resistance to hydrolysis
  • Stranded copper wire for static discharge
  • Non-toxic EU10-2011 approved materials
  • Outstanding resistance to the effects of weather
  • Minimum frictional loss is achieved by the smooth bore
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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