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Medium Duty Yellow Lay Flat Water Discharge Hose

Medium Duty Yellow Lay Flat Water Discharge Hose

Rubber 7 Bar Water Delivery Hose

Rubber 7 Bar Water Delivery Hose

High Pressure Lay Flat Delivery Hose

Conveyance and discharge of fluids under pressure. Particularly suitable for irrigation and water supply applications in general industries, civil and construction engineering, agricultural and shipbuilding.

Values given are based on the short term burst pressure of the hose at +20°C based on a 3:1
safety factor.
This product is only suitable for open-ended discharge applications. Pressure ratings are based on discharge pressure from the pump unit.

Any increase in temperature above +20°C will result
in a decline in working pressure values.

Chemical Resistance:
Resistant to oils and greases. These hoses are not suitable for use with benzene, petrol, spirits, xylol, or solvents containing aromatics. For more detailed information please contact Technical Sales.

Layflat hoses provide the benefits of high performance with lightness in weight, when compared with the same size of spiral PVC delivery hoses and rubber discharge hoses. Additionally they are easier to store, handle and transport.
Cut down lengths are available up on request.

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