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Copper Olives

Copper Olives (2 Pack)

Brass Compression Brass Olives (2 Pack)

Excellent brass plumbing fittings great solution for industrial and domestic applications. Created in brass material to make it very effective as a plumbing solution.

  • Highly durable compression plumbing fittings manufactured in brass for resilience and to be long lasting.
  • These compression plumbing fittings have excellent conductivity and are suited for hot water distribution within buildings.
  • High resistant to corrosion and rust and good for water with corrosive properties.
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EPS-CFBO-8 8mm Brass Olives (2 pack)
EPS-CFBO-10 10mm Brass Olives (2 pack)
EPS-CFBO-12 12mm Brass Olives (2 pack)
EPS-CFBO-15 15mm Brass Olives (2 pack)
EPS-CFBO-22 22mm Brass Olives (2 pack)
EPS-CFBO-28 28mm Brass Olives (2 pack)
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