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1/2" Ratchet Wrench

Air Impact Wrench Kit

Air Impact Wrench Kit (17 Piece)

1/2" Air Impact Wrench

Twin hammer mechanism has 2 identical hammers that deliver an instantaneous balanced blow, reducing vibration and transferring more torque to the drive than any ther mechanism on the market.

• Provides more power and smooth balanced blows.
• Screened filter air inlet keeps dirt and debris from damaging the tool.
• Rear exhaust.
• Recommended air pressure 90 psi.

1/4" BSP female air inlet,10mm Air hose required, 1/2" square drive, 16mm (5/8") max. bolt capacity, 450 ft.lb (610 N.m) Working torque. 7,500 RPM, 6.5 cfm air consumption (183.9 l/min), 1.9kg weight, 190mm long.
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